The Useless 6-Pack


If you’re anything like me, having a visible 6-pack seems practically impossible. I could do 1,000 sit-ups a day and never see those dang lines across my stomach, but maybe it’s not about seeing them at all?

Having a strong core and having a clear cut 6-pack are not always the same. Every functional movement performed in any sport or gym begins at the core. Every swing of a golf club, baseball bat, and swim stroke originates at a person’s core. A squat, snatch, pull up, and push up generate from your core. So what is the real goal here? To have a chiseled 6-pack or to have a stable and strong core regardless of how it looks in the mirror?

Correct training of your stabilizing muscles throughout your core as well as along your spine in your back can drastically change the effectiveness and progress of your desired movements.

Click here for great exercises to build core strength that will directly correlate to all lifts and functional movements.


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As always, keep moving, keep pushing, and keep pressing. Your body will love you for it.