Our Story

Valkommen’s Vision

Crossfit Valkommen was started by John Penner out of a desire to train harder in less time for marathons, triathlons, and cycling. John was introduced to Crossfit by Craig Howard, co-owner of Diablo Crossfit in Northern California. While camping, John learned about Crossfit and the benefits it offered to his training. John found some buddies to workout in his garage in mid 2011 as they were training for The Wildflower Triathalon in May of 2012. One of his friends got some programming from Crossfit Endurance , the group grew in size and 2014 John decided to start Crossfit Valkommen.

We are a Crossfit Affiliate that believes “If you have a body, you are an athlete.” ( Bill Bowerman Co-founder, Nike) Our members are committed to challenging themselves, helping others, having fun and long term health. Our team is focused on helping each member strive for their best each and every day in a safe, clean and empowering environment.