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Backpack Drive for KCAPS!

Bring in the Backpacks! Crossfit Valkommen is excited to join KCAPS and our community in the effort to provide backpacks for local kids for the upcoming school year! Until August 4th, you can bring any new backpacks ($15-20) to the gym and drop them off for donation. You can also make a cash donation toward KCAPS, which will …
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How to Stay Tight And Breathe Through Lifts

Guard the Goods! Yes…the “goods” are your spine! Possibly the most important part of lifting is engaging your core. It is worth it to slow down your movements and learn how to correctly lift while keeping a tight core before adding a weight belt. This will prevent injury and lead to heavier lifts in the …
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Hydration Hacks

H2O On The Go!   Suffering through temps of 110 degrees throughout the summer remind us how much our bodies thrive when properly hydrated! Even though you may not be sweating out a gallon of water on those perfect sunny and 75 degree days, maintaining adequate hydration is just as important. If you’re like me …
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Let’s Put This Weight Gain Myth to Sleep

Will Bedtime Snacks  Make Me Gain Weight? What’s your go-to late night snack? How about a nice big bowl of ice cream or cereal? Or do you like to munch on some crackers or cookies? For years I’ve been hearing this idea that eating too late in the evening will make me gain weight? Is …
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How To Build a Strong Core Without Sit-Ups

The Useless 6-Pack   If you’re anything like me, having a visible 6-pack seems practically impossible. I could do 1,000 sit-ups a day and never see those dang lines across my stomach, but maybe it’s not about seeing them at all? Having a strong core and having a clear cut 6-pack are not always the …
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Will Crossfit Help Me Lose Weight?

You’re Fed Up   You’re sick and tired of carrying extra weight around and and you’re ready to lose it. For good. It seems like there’s a new magic formula every single day, but what is going to work for you? Do you join the nearest Planet Fitness or do a 30 day juice cleanse? …
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