The comparison is what kills us.


I finally reached a goal I had set for myself and as I scrolled through my Instagram feed, I see someone else who lifted more, lost more, and completed more reps.

Suddenly, all feelings of achievement for myself disappeared.  The comparison to everyone else who did “more” instantly drowned out my achievement, and I did it to myself.

We are in control of how we view ourselves and our specific journey.

I know it’s not as easy as saying “stop” and you’ll never compare yourself again, but STOP. The comparison alone will rob you of the joy that comes from the process.

I encourage you to take a minute and read this article about the importance of your OWN journey.

Find what’s special about your journey apart from everyone else’s and appreciate the moments of struggle, success, and growth.


Your Life is not an endless PR. Stop Treating your Training that Way.

As always, keep moving, keep pushing, and keep pressing. Your body loves you for it.

~Kendall Swanson